Career Management Coaching

Whether you need a change of career direction within the organisation, or a move outside of it, Career Management Coaching is vital for the successful implementation of the change.

Programmes can be developed to meet your needs to assist in establishing your future direction, both in terms of personal and professional objectives, whether on an employed or self-employed basis.

Let us help you to move on proactively, and ensure that you secure a positive conclusion quickly and effectively.

Tailored Career Management designed around you

Meetings are arranged at your own home or any convenient venue, and are totally confidential or remotely by Zoom, Skype or Facetime. We tailor each programme to meet the needs of the individual client and will not include unnecessary items just for the sake of it.

Any relevant documentation, workbooks etc are issued at the appropriate stage.

The programmes can cover all aspects of Career Management including:

  • Reviewing the current situation
  • Clarifying future career aims and requirements
  • Personality assessment including an in-depth style analysis report
  • Creating a professional and effective CV
  • Using the CV effectively
  • Organising the self-marketing campaign
  • Researching the market
  • Unlocking the networking potential
  • Identifying those unadvertised jobs
  • Speculative covering letters and targeted mailings
  • In-depth interview coaching, including video recording and analysis
  • Negotiating the new contract
  • Setting up a new business and/or consultancy, where appropriate

Our Career Management programmes are designed to support you on your journey to finding your next role. We will take a step-by-step approach starting with reflecting on your strengths and formulating a winning CV.

If you’re interested in working with a Career Management Coach, get in touch with us and take the next steps in your development journey.